Teaching Professionals Reflecting on Agency in Learning (TRAIL) is a professional development programme designed to support early years and primary educators in implementing rigorous, child-centred practices that promote agency in children. Many educators are unsure how to balance their role as a guide in children’s learning with children’s exploration and curiosity.  In TRAIL, we support educators to include evidence-informed playful approaches to learning tailored to their own practice and context.

When children experience agency in their learning this promotes ownership, interest, and commitment. Through its close connection with inner motivation and self-regulated learning skills, agency provides the foundation for children’s academic achievement and lasting love of learning. 

TRAIL combines theoretical insights with practical self-reflection tools and strategies.  TRAIL educators are equipped with the language for talking about child-centred learning, based on research in psychology and education. They recognise the features of agentic learning as well as the benefits of using playful approaches with their children. The TRAIL programme includes messages and examples from past participants, that will help educators truly transform their practice.